Candidates for Ortho-K


Ortho-K or orthokeratology can be a perfect option for many of our patients to see clearly throughout their day, even if they are not wearing a prescription lens. While many patients thought that they could only get these results if they had laser surgery, ortho-k offers excellent results for patients without having to undergo any surgical procedure!


At El Paso Eyecare, we ensure that our patient’s needs are met by offering cutting edge technologies with safe and effective practices.


Understanding Ortho-K


Ortho-k is a unique approach to vision correction that works by allowing your eye to be gently pushed into the right shape while you sleep. The result is a clear vision that lasts throughout the day so you can engage in the activities you want without having to think twice about your prescription lenses.


This process works because it uses specially designed gas permeable or rigid contact lenses. The lenses are placed into your eyes just before you go to sleep. The eye is then gently pushed into the right shape as you sleep.


When you wake up in the morning, you can remove the lenses, but your eyes will maintain the correct shape for the day, and sometimes up to three days. This allows you to have a perfect or near-perfect vision all day long without having to wear glasses, contact lenses, or get specialized surgery.


The following night, you put the contacts into your eyes before you go to sleep, and you get the same great results night after night.


Who Should Consider Ortho-K? 


This method of vision correction is not right for all of our patients. If you are considering Ortho-K, call El Paso Eyecare today to schedule your consultation. We can quickly let you know what your options are and help you determine the best path for you.


Orthokeratology is a tried and true method for treating myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. If you have any of these conditions, there is a good chance that orthokeratology could be right for you. Additionally, ortho-k has also been used for the treatment of presbyopia.


Ortho-k lenses have been convenient and useful for patients who lead active lives or sports activities or professions where prescription lenses can be a hindrance to their abilities.


Special Considerations


There are some things that we ensure all of our patients understand before they commit to treatment with ortho-k. The first is that the fitting process takes longer than most of our patients are used to. Typically, the fitting process takes multiple trips into the office to ensure that the contact lenses are correctly designed for your eyes, and you get the results you expect and need.

Secondly, even though ortho-k lenses fit your eye, people can often be surprised that they are not as comfortable as soft contact lenses. Because patients are only putting in these rigid contact lenses before they go to sleep, it helps to lessen the transition for each patient. Most people find that they grow accustomed to their contacts within a few days, and they feel comfortable within a few weeks.


Finally, many insurance companies do not currently cover ortho-k lenses. However, our staff can ensure that you understand all of the details of the billing process and can work with you to see if your insurance will cover part of the cost. Many patients find that when they calculate the cost of replacement frames and lenses or their annual cost of soft contact lenses, ortho-k works out to be a great value.




If you have been considering your options for great vision with the drawbacks of prescription lenses, call our offices in El Paso, TX today to schedule an appointment. Let our staff help you see your world more clearly now!