Why Choose Ortho-K?


Ortho-K, or orthokeratology, is an innovative new way of helping patients with refractive eye errors such as myopia (nearsightedness) see without using prescription contacts or glasses. It works using specially-designed, gas-permeable contact lenses that are worn overnight to reshape the cornea while you sleep. You simply pop them in before you go to bed and, while you are in the land of nod, they will work along with the tear film that flows beneath them, to make your cornea a more regular shape. The next morning, you can take them out and you will see a significant improvement in your vision.


It is essential to understand that it is very unlikely that you will achieve total visual clarity for an entire day after just one overnight session. The improvement is progressive and as you continue with treatment, you will soon experience increasingly superior vision that you are able to maintain for an entire day or longer.


However, that is just one benefit of Ortho-K. Here are some other important reasons to choose Ortho-K corrective lenses.


They Can Reduce And Eliminate Your Reliance On Prescription Eyewear


Glasses and contact lenses for refractive errors may be very effective. However, not everyone enjoys wearing them. Lenses can be fiddly and expensive, and glasses can be fragile or change your appearance. Ortho-K gives patients a way of seeing clearly without the need for either.


They Are An Alternative To Laser Vision Correction


Laser vision correction is a very popular way of permanently correcting refractive errors so that you are no longer reliant on prescription glasses or contacts. However, it can be costly, and many people are anxious about the thought of having surgery performed on their eyes. Ortho-K is a great, non-surgical alternative.


They Are Perfect For People Who Love Sport


Active sportsmen and women often find glasses impossible to wear if they are to successfully participate in their chosen activity. In some sports, even contact lenses are far from ideal. Ortho-K can provide you with a clear vision you need to enjoy your sporting venture without the need for either glasses or contacts. There is nothing to break, no risk of damage and you can wear any necessary eye protection without compromise.


They Are Ideal For Children


Ortho-K is widely being hailed as a superior form of myopia control for young children. This is because the persistent use of overnight corrective lenses has been shown to not only enable a child to see clearly at school or home without the need for prescription eyewear but also to slow or even halt the progression of myopia. Since there has been a dramatic surge in the number of kids being diagnosed with myopia, thought largely to be due to excess time spent indoors and in front of screens, Ortho-K could be instrumental in reducing the number of children reliant on prescription lenses and experiencing complications as a result of their myopia when they are older.


They Are Comfortable And Safe


Each set of Ortho-K lenses are created specifically for your eyes ensuring the best fit and optimal comfort. Unlike other lenses, which shouldn’t be worn overnight, Ortho-K lenses are gas-permeable. This means that they allow oxygen to reach your eyeball overnight, keeping your eyes healthy and functioning.


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