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About El Paso EyeCare

One of our main goals is providing annual vision examinations in order to follow vision development, detect early signs of eye and systemic diseases and intervene to prevent vision loss. This type of vision care is possible when patients commit to continuous and regular care with the same doctors.

Our offices provide expert optical services, including on-site finishing of prescription glasses. We are mindful of our patients' optical needs and desires when choosing our frames. Most importantly, our optical staff excels at recommending the proper lens and frame to meet the patient's visual needs.

Contact Lenses We Offer

  • Daily Contact Lenses: Daily Contact Lenses are single-use lenses that are discarded at the end of each day. In the morning, a fresh pair of lenses are applied. With allergy season coming up, daily contact lenses are the best solution to avoiding eye discomfort and dry, itchy eyes.

  • Gas-Permeable (GP) Specialty Contact Lenses:

    • Orthokeratology (Ortho-K): Ortho K is a great option for many patients that don’t require you to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. Ortho K is a safe and effective treatment for many patients with myopia. This care is also an appropriate method to use for children. Ortho K lenses are created for each patient and will be prescribed after a detailed image of your eye has been captured. This allows the lens to properly account for the current shape and slope of your eye and how to best fit it into the appropriate shape

    • Scleral Lenses: These lenses are gas permeable lenses but cover a larger area of the eye than a standard rigid lens. These lenses don’t put pressure onto the cone shape of the eye. The reduced pressure results in a more comfortable fit for patients and treats Keratoconus.

    • WAVE Lenses: Just as no two corneas are alike, no two Wave lenses are alike. Wave Contact Lenses are computer designed and manufactured for custom fitting to match each patient's cornea perfectly. This complex computer program allows more control over the design of your lenses. Instead of three parameters, over twenty can be controlled to improve comfort, fit and performance.

    • Multifocal/Bifocal: Presbyopia is a condition that naturally occurs in people over the age of 40. As the lens inside the eye becomes less flexible, it becomes harder to focus on objects up close. It’s not a disease. And GP contact lenses can help! There are a number of GP contact lens options that can help patients who find they are reaching for reading glasses or holding reading material further away.


I had a very positive experience there I got wonderful Eyeglasses my prescription is right on. Pricey though. My work up for Glaucoma is going well. Dr. Patel is patient and provides plenty of information. The business is very clean. I do recommend this place. Everyone was very nice to me especially the girls in the back doing the tests and the man that gave me my eyeglasses. And I like that it's basically pretty near to my home.

Mona Yrigoyen
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I'm amazed at the attention and care Dr. Patel takes at each visit. I always feel like I'm the only patient he's seeing. He takes the time to answer all my questions and eases my concerns. Mrs. Patel and his office staff are always smiling and ready to help. Highly recommend!!

Rose Dominguez
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The clinic was so nice!! The staff was extremely helpful. My doctor was so personable and patient. The hours are great for someone who works.

Cynthia Enriquez
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Dr Patel is the best! Provided detail information of what test was performed & show results! Manager & staff very friendly and allow time to select frames without a rush ;)

Elena Robles
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Everyone here is super friendly and I always feel comfortable here. I see Dr. Patel who is incredibly patient and explains everything completely. Ever feel like it's possible to fail an eye exam? Dump your doctor and come to this place.

Kristina Aziz
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