Zeiss Optics

Comprehensive Solutions from Zeiss

Precision Optics are what ZEISS has done for over 200 years. ZEISS made history, captured memories, and made the world a clearer, brighter place.

Did you know…

  • images of the first moon landing were captured by ZEISS lenses?
  • thirty-five Nobel Prize winners have used ZEISS microscopes in their research?
  • ZEISS opened the world’s first planetarium in 1923?
  • ZEISS camera lenses are used by major film directors, and have won three Technical Academy Awards?
  • two out of three cataract surgeries worldwide are done with ZEISS microscopes?
  • every second, two more people put their trust in ZEISS eyeglass lenses to see more of their world?

ZEISS Premium Lens Solutions

ZEISS Individual® 2

Most lenses use a “one size fits all” design, which means that the lens optics will not be ideal for most prescriptions. ZEISS Individual 2 is fully customizable to your exact prescription, frame, face and lifestyle delivering better all-round vision.

ZEISS Digital Lens

Most of today’s Single Vision patients use digital devices throughout the day, and up to 70% now suffer from Digital Eye Strain. ZEISS Digital Lens gives you a wide, clear view of the world around you, plus an area of extra focusing power designed specifically for viewing digital devices. You’ll enjoy: easier focusing on your devices, relief from Digital Eye Strain, and clarity for all activities, all day.

ZEISS Officelens

Most types of lenses don’t allow comfortable viewing for sustained near-to-intermediate activities like office work and computer use. Using inappropriate eyewear for these activities can constrain vision and cause symptoms such as dry, tired eyes, and head, neck or back pain. ZEISS Officelens is designed specifically for your computer and office work so you can see your whole work area clearly and comfortably.


ZEISS i.Scription®

A highly detailed analysis of your vision profile is used to create an ultra-precise prescription or i.Scription.

Discover how much better you can see especially at night and in low-light. Lenses with ZEISS i.Scription technology allow you to enjoy clear focus, high-definition contrast and more brilliant colors.

ZEISS i.Scription Provides:

zeiss lens technology


Improve your exam experience with modern technology that streamlines visual acuity testing for a quicker and more accurate exam. With this technology vision problems such as near- and farsightedness and astigmatism can be accurately diagnosed.

ZEISS i.Terminal® 2

Cutting Edge Technology leads to exceptional vision.

Achieving your best vision possible is more that just an accurate prescription. It’s also how your prescription lenses are placed in your frames to optimize your viewing range.

ZEISS Centration Technology with i.Terminal 2 determines the exact position of your lenses within the frame. Proper lens positioning minimizes headaches, incorrect body posture, and eye strain.